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Special Education

What is the vision?

Feather River Charter School is committed to providing free and appropriate quality special education (SPED) services to students who qualify under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA 2004). Special Education is a program designed to support the unique educational needs of children with disabilities who meet the eligibility criteria under the law. Together we collaborate to develop essential skills, knowledge, and postsecondary success.

Our school takes great pride in our commitment to students’ growth and success. As we work together with our families, we strive to provide the most appropriate support and services to our students identified as eligible for Special Education.

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Special Education FAQs

We are committed to developing meaningful partnerships with our parents as we work together to meet the unique needs and realize the full potential of each child.

Special Education Local Plan Area

In California, every local education agency (LEA) is required to belong to a Special Education Local Plan Area (SELPA). The SELPA is a consortia of LEAs responsible for the development of special education policies and procedures, distribution of federal and state special education funds, and providing a range of professional development pertaining to special education. With this support, the charter SELPA’s partners continue to demonstrate the capacity to provide high-quality special education programs to their students.

Feather River Charter School belongs to the El Dorado County Charter SELPA, which provides a cooperative model designed to ensure special education programs are available for all students with disabilities.

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