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Our Programs

We offer an academic program that is extremely flexible and customizable. Working together, credentialed teachers and parents design a learning plan that can incorporate:

  • A variety of curriculum options and platforms
  • Academic support including interventions
  • High school curriculum choices approved by all major certifying agencies, including UCOP, College Board and NCAA
  • A child’s optimal learning modalities
  • Seemingly limitless enrichment resources, materials, and experiences
  • School sponsored learning enrichment, field trips, and student activities
  • A blend of virtual and in-person support

Parent Choice

Flexible and customizable

Your teacher works together with you to choose the curriculum that best meets the learning needs of your student.

Learn more about Parent Choice

Virtual Academies

Collaborative and engaging virtual instruction

Our Virtual Academies are uniquely designed online courses that are taught live, twice-weekly, by high qualified teachers. 

Learn more about our Virtual Academies 

Career & Technical Education

Preparing students for their future

Our Career and Technical Education program provides students with specific career goals with the knowledge and skills needed to get started in their career after graduation. 

Learn more about our CTE Program