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Welcome to The Sequoia Breeze! Join our host Rebecca LaSavio, a homeschooling mom of four, as she interviews teachers, parents, and other homeschooling enthusiasts. Each unique episode offers encouragement, tips and tricks, practical advice, and inspiring stories that will help you make the most of your homeschool experience.

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The Sequoia Breeze Season 4 Episode 10

A powerhouse trio of highly experienced teachers and homeschoolers joins Rebecca today to discuss the “I Can” statements. How do these state standards work into our homeschools? What does the school need from us? Homeschool families and HSTs alike will find this episode to be helpful and encouraging.

Season 4 Episode 9: Supporting Gifted Learners

This week, Rebecca welcomes Dr. Alex Ryan, one of our wonderful intervention teachers, to discuss Supporting Your Gifted Learner. Together, they explore the answers to questions including, Is your child gifted? If so, what does that mean for your homeschool? Does a child have to be gifted in all subjects to qualify? What if a child struggles in some areas and excels in others? Listen in as Dr. Ryan helps you identify whether or not your children are gifted and shares some ways you can feed their busy minds.

The Sequoia Breeze Podcast Season 4 Episode 08

Are you looking for ideas to help your kids to learn independence?

📚HR Mom Melissa Griffin is back! This time, we tackle the nitty-gritty of helping your kids learn to manage themselves and their everyday responsibilities ⭐️. Don't miss another great episode loaded with great ideas.💡


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Season 4 Episode 6: Active Shooter Training for Homeschoolers

In this episode, we confront the unsettling reality we face when we hear about yet another shooting incident on the news. The initial shock prompts us to turn off the radio and protect our children from the distressing details. However, beneath the relief that our kids are safe from a school shooting, there lingers a nagging fear. Do our children, and do we ourselves, know how to respond if a similar tragedy unfolds in a local store or restaurant?

Homeschool dad and police sergeant Seth Cimino joins the podcast this week to help banish that fear. Together, we aim to equip you with the knowledge to gently train your kids on how to navigate the unthinkable. Tune in as we explore strategies and insights to ensure your family is prepared to handle the worst-case scenario with resilience and readiness.

1,000 Hours Outside

On this week's episode of The Sequoia Breeze podcast, Rebecca talks with Ginny Yurich about the immense benefits of setting a goal to spend 1,000 hours outside--maybe even until the street lights come on.

More than 7 hours a day...that’s how much time an average American kid spends in front of a screen. What would happen if they spent even HALF that time outdoors, exploring and playing?

On this week's episode of The Sequoia Breeze podcast, Rebecca talks with Ginny Yurich about the immense benefits of setting a goal to spend 1,000 hours outside--maybe even until the street lights come on.

A Heart for High School

Is homeschooling for high school a good idea? Will your student miss out? Are you up for the challenge? Linda Qian, director of high school for Sequoia Grove, shares her story with us and lays our fears to rest--high school is a great time to homeschool!

Tour of the Lending Library!

Unsure what the Lending Library has to offer? Have you given up trying to get logged in and reserve books? Join me as I interview the Head of Library Services, Chris Hermann. We take an audio tour of the immense store of resources available to you and your family. Don't miss this informative episode that tells what is there and how to get it!

Lending Library Information and How-to’s

Destiny Discover–the website to reserve books

Link to choose your Park Day location

Contact Rebecca!


Amazing projects, clever creativity, big ideas...great things are happening with our Sequoia Grove students! Hear what it was like inside a Student Showcase in May 2023--gather inspiration and join us next year!

  • Season 3
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Do your kids have the words to describe how they're feeling? Emotional well-being is crucial for a good learning environment. In this episode, Mary Stein introduces us to the world of Social Emotional Learning (SEL). Listen in for some great resources for all students, TK-12th grade, and even parents!

  • Season 3
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It can be confusing to keep track of all that's going on with Sequoia Grove. Are you feeling confused by the opportunities available? Join Rebecca and Sara, two of our Family Liaisons, as they chat and share suggestions to help you "Get the Most Out of Your Sequoia Grove Experience." Listen in as they show you where you can go to access the most up to date and accurate information available to our schools.

  • Season 3
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Is homeschooling high school a good idea? As a parent, we worry about all the things for our teens--the difficult subjects that need to be covered, social activities, and preparing our kids for life after high school. Our resident high school expert, Shannon Breckenridge shares why homeschooling for high school is not only possible, it's a good idea!

  • Season 3
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Join Karen Dreager and I for the conclusion of our discussion about the Myers-Briggs personality types and how understanding them can help your homeschool run more smoothly. Karen shares scheduling and curriculum ideas, as well as insights into how to best encourage your child based on their personality type. So much helpful information!

  • Season 1
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HST Elva Burlingham shares her passion for helping parents teach kids to write well. She explains what curriculum she's seen work with kids from all ages and stages.

  • Season 1